A lighthouse is a tower or structure containing a beacon of light to warn or guide ships at sea. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on the history of Europa Point Lighthouse in Gibraltar, the symbolism of a lighthouse and the fact it is the logo of the firm.

To navigate the Bay of Gibraltar, ancient sailors were dependent on light emitted by a Roman Catholic shrine, which was originally a mosque built after the 1309 siege. Sailors expressed their gratitude of the light by leaving supplies of oil at the chapel, which encouraged the continued burning of the lights.

With the aid of the Masonic Order in Gibraltar and the Governor (also being Commander-in-Chief of Gibraltar), the first stone for a lighthouse foundation was laid in 1838. Today, Europa Point Lighthouse, also referred to as the Trinity Lighthouse, stands at 49 meters (161 ft) above the high-water mark. It has kept seafarers safe for 181 years.

Lighthouses are constructed to withstand powerful storms and adverse weather from the seas. They therefore symbolise overcoming challenges and adversity. They also symbolise guidance, a way forward and helping to navigate through the world. Lighthouses are frequently depicted as symbols of strength; they never move and remain a firm and steadfast pillar of reassurance for many people.

In the uncertainty of global politics and policies, there is no better symbol for families or businesses to look to than Europa Trust Company Ltd and its logo.
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