Almost everyone dreams of owning their own yacht or superyacht. Even those that already own a yacht, dream of owning bigger or better vessels. However, there are important considerations to be made before simply choosing a vessel. Europa Marine Consultants, a subsidiary of the Europa Group, reports on some important considerations to be made before you begin to choose your dream yacht.

The dream of owning a yacht or superyacht is something most people have imagined. For those who have been able to afford a yacht, many have quickly discovered they had chosen the wrong vessel for themselves. Without knowledge or experience it is easy to find yourself led astray by brokers, sales people or the wrong idea of what your yachting needs are. We have therefore compiled a few important considerations to be made when dreaming or choosing your perfect yacht.

Sail or Motor?
The first and simplest question to ask is, do you require a sail or motor for your intended yacht. Each choice offers different experiences and overall costs. Sailing yachts can be more environmentally friendly and less noisy for people on-board, while motor yachts require fuel and engine maintenance.

What is the purpose of your yacht?
It is important to have a clear idea of what you wish to use your yacht for. Is the purpose to be a family orientated yacht, an exploring yacht, or will it be used for chartering, entertaining or racing? Each of these choices can mean a very different yacht to the yacht originally intended with many yachts having technical capabilities that owners may never use.

What do other vessels have that you might want?
Be patient and take the time to look at different types of yachts and what they offer which may be of interest for your vessel. Many internet sites offer virtual tours of various yachts which allow new owners to see what they might wish for in their vessels. To appreciate what feels right for you, you may wish to physically experience a particular type of yacht through chartering.

Size may not be everything.
In the world of yachting, big is not always best. Make sure you choose the right size yacht for your needs and budget. Large vessels often require large crew to manage. Additionally, large vessels require large operating fees which incorporate crew salaries, servicing equipment, maintenance costs, insurance, etc. Large vessels often become too burdensome for an owner and owners are often forced to sell their large yachts.

While we may not all be billionaires, the Europa Group is pleased to provide a few important considerations to be made when dreaming or choosing your perfect yacht.

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