Luxury Yacht Taxi, anyone?

For many of us a taxi ride is simply just a tap of an app away. Now the yacht trip you’ve always dreamed of is too. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on a partnership developing between a taxi app company and the yachting industry.

Uber, the online transportation network company, has already brought the ease of booking a taxi via your smartphone to millions of people across the World. Recently, the company has turned towards the luxury yachting market.

In Dubai a yacht trip can be booked through the app to request a yacht of your choice. The taxi app first launched the service in April 2016, and for $82 (£65) a ride, allowed people to access a deluxe yacht through the app.

Yacht access isn’t the first time the company moved away from car services to try other forms of transportation. In the past the company has offered boat rides in Istanbul, Saint-Tropez, Monaco and Cannes with helicopter trips through California and Utah in America.

The yacht industry may still have a way to go before making the luxury world of personal yacht travel more easily available globally, but it may be a start in the right direction.

Update: Douglas the Penguin

Europa Trust Company Ltd is proud to provide an update with regards to the development and progress to Douglas the Penguin.

In May this year we reported that for 2017 Europa Trust Company Ltd had chosen an unusual, yet meaningful subject for our social responsibility. We adopted a penguin as part of the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre’s (SAMREC) “Adopt a Penguin” programme.

The Europa Team named a baby African Penguin “Douglas”. With the sponsorship of Europa, SAMREC has been able to provide food, medicine and care to Douglas. The centre now reports that Douglas is fully fledged, which means he has developed into a juvenile penguin and lost his baby feathers. He enjoys swimming in the centre’s swimming pool and is described as happy. Once Douglas is fully-grown he will be released into the wild. The African Penguin is currently endangered and lives only in Southern African waters. Adults weigh on average between 2.2–3.5 kg and are 60–70 cm tall.

Europa  contributes to various national and international charitable organisations that share our values and goals as part of our social responsibility. These have included the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and Baby STEPPs

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