Finland’s Santa Claus Office has been declared bankrupt over unpaid taxes. Europa Trust Company Ltd considers whether Santa Claus’s future is in the balance.

Finland’s Lapland-based Santa Claus Office declared itself bankrupt recently over an unpaid tax bill amounting to €200,000 ($223,980).

Children across the World might be heartbroken with the news that Santa could be bankrupt. However, Managing Director of the office, Jarmo Kariniemi was optimistic and believed the company, which employs around 20 people, could yet avoid closure at Christmas over its tax bill.

Despite the fears that Santa Claus might be out of a job this Christmas, the head of the Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency, Juha Seppala, also shared optimism stating that his organisation would ensure the village had a Santa Claus.

Around 300,000 tourists from 100 different countries visit the office each year to see Santa in person.

Will Santa get his tax affairs in order in time for Christmas? The answer will be under your Christmas tree.

Europa Trust Company Ltd wishes all its friends, clients and suppliers festive greetings and warm wishes for 2016.


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