Social Responsibility is whereby businesses make a meaningful contribution to the positive development of society. Europa Trust Company Ltd regularly contributes to various national and international charitable organisations that share our values and goals. The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB), is one such organisation.

Earlier this month, seabirds and penguins were badly affected when the refueling of a large ship went awry in a port, 20km from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 400 litres of crude-oil spilled into the sea. The oil covered over 71 seabirds, penguins and nesting areas. The vessel was detained and the captain interviewed over the spillage incident.

SANCCOB volunteers quickly rescued the oiled, dehydrated and injured seabirds and African penguins that had became stranded on the local beaches.

With the assistance of volunteers and sponsorship from companies such as Europa Trust Company Ltd, the organisation provides food, medicine and care to rehabilitate penguins and seabirds back to the wild.

As previously mentioned in our newsletters, Europa Trust Company Ltd adopted a penguin, Douglas, as part of the centre’s “Adopt a Penguin” programme. Click here to read more about Douglas.

The African Penguin is currently endangered and only lives in Southern African. More information about SANCCOB and how to support the organisation can be found here.

In recent years, Europa has contributed to various charities as part of our social responsibility. These include the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and Baby STEPPs, and SANCCOB.

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