The Superyacht industry is an industry growing in epic proportions. The recent global increase in billionaires and their interest in superyachts has fuelled new dynamic vessel builds with unique new features. We report on the new superyacht trends for 2019 and beyond.

Bigger and bigger still…
We previously reported on the superyacht trends developing towards size. Now in 2019 new superyacht builds are continuing to increase in size, but are pushing the boundaries of what defines a superyacht. The superyacht industry now considers and describes yachts of 60-meters as “small”. Superyacht builds exceeding the 100-meter mark are becoming a common new trend. The largest superyacht currently under construction is projected to measure 182.6 meters.

2019 Superyacht Unique Features…
Owners of new superyacht builds are looking for unique items and designs to separate their yacht from all others. In terms of superyacht features, helicopter pads are now considered “normal”. New unique features for Russian owners are icy spa chambers complete with flakes of ice known as “snow rooms” for their vessels. American clients want full gyms on board and IMAX theatre equipment complete with popcorn machines.

Keeping it Stable…
Stabilisation is an important feature on board new vessels with examples of stabilised items such as pool tables, drink glasses and gimbaled wine cellars to keep high valued wine level.

Built to Explore…
New superyacht clients are demanding that their yacht builds have the ability to travel beyond the traditional yacht havens of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. New owners are wishing to be “explorers” and want their vessels to be capable of reaching corners of the globe not accessible by conventional yachts.

While the explorer-style superyacht is not a new trend specifically, the new designed explorer yachts are taking this concept further. As an example, the largest explorer superyacht vessel is designed to have a lecture theatre, submarines and laboratories on board.

Going Green…
Superyachts have a huge impact on the environment. New owners are aware of this impact and are now demanding new methods to make their superyachts less environmentally harmful. New superyachts are being built with hybrid fuel techniques and designs for sail power and solar sails.

The Biggest Trend for 2019 and Beyond…
Owners are obtaining professional advice and support regarding all aspects of their vessels. Owners engage in the services of yacht managers, vessel registered agents and fiduciary companies to ensure their vessels meet all legal requirements and procedures. New owners do not desire the complexities to do everything on their own regarding their vessels. This trend is highlighting the importance of getting the paperwork, administration and the management of vessels correctly managed by professionals.
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