Software developers from Google announced that the “largest video conferencing in the history of Earth” occurred on Monday 16 March 2020. With many businesses and companies making use of video calls and conferencing, Europa Trust Company Ltd. takes a lighthearted look at etiquette often forgotten with regards to this new form of business communication.

With recent health events around the world, companies and businesses are turning to technology as a form of business continuity. The most popular being video conferencing and video calling.

Many companies and businesses have asked employees to work from home to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus. To stay connected, and for some businesses to make sure employees are focused on work, businesses are asking their employees to appear on camera for meetings.

While the ability to make video calls and conferences has been with us for over a decade, the sudden surge in video conferencing is highlighting many people’s lack of experience with the technology and lack of basic video etiquette.

Many embarrassing situations have occurred when business video calls take place with many thinking the calls are only audio. Due to the embarrassing situations, companies and businesses are now implementing strict etiquette guidelines to be followed.

We have collected a few humorous examples, that should be common sense !
• Staff should be dressed during calls.
• Staff should not use the toilet during calls.
• Staff should not eat during calls.
• Staff should not shout at children or dogs during calls.
• Pets are banned during calls, in particular cats, who climb on participants in meetings.
• No children present during calls.
• Do not host video meetings in inappropriate places, for example, in bed or in a bathroom.
• Do not have embarrassing items in the background during calls, for example, dirty laundry and underwear.
As more and more companies and businesses around the world are choosing to have staff work from home and make use of video conferencing, all will eventually have to adhere to the new general video conferencing etiquette.

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