It is often said that the best ideas in business are often the most unusual of ideas. Recently, some people have taken their very unusual ideas and turned them into successful businesses. Europa Trust Company summaries some of the unusual,yet very real companies that you might not have known existed.

Rent-a-cow. A business in Switzerland allows farmers to rent their cows . A customer is able to visit a farm and milk their rental cow.

Personalised potato messages. An international company allows customers to create messages on potatoes. These potatoes are then delivered to a person and address of your choice.

Reserve a place in Heaven. An internet-based business offers customers an opportunity to purchase a reservation in Heaven. The company offers a full refund if one does not make it to Heaven.

Mowing Goats. An American business offers an “eco-friendly” way to mow lawns by using a herd of goats. Their most famous customer is Google, who use 200 goats to mow the fields around their California headquarters.

“Doggles”. A Californian-based business sells googles for dogs. The googles are available in 16 different countries with the United States Army being their largest customer using the googles to protect their working dogs eyesight from sandstorms and the sun.
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