The Europa Group has said it before in a previous newsletter and we will say it again. “No matter how much money an individual has, it is always important to secure the right insurance and protection for assets, as accidents will happen”.

On the evening of 18 December 2019, a $7 million 36-meter (120ft) yacht, believed to belong to singer Marc Anthony, mysteriously burst into flames in a Miami dock.

It took 45 firefighters nearly two-hours to extinguish the massive fire, which ultimately caused the boat to capsize leaving it partially sunk in the bay. Fortunately, the crew of the yacht were reported to have been evacuated and no injuries were reported. The fire could be seen from as far as downtown Miami.

Accidents in all forms will happen. It is therefore vital to be prepared. The Europa Group, through its Europa Marine Consultants Ltd subsidiary, manage on a daily basis both private and commercial vessels in ports of registry worldwide and can assist in the procurement of quality, affordable marine insurance and professional legal advice for you and your vessel.

Examples of our marine services to seafarers includes;
• Registration of vessels worldwide
• Purchase and sale contracts
• Operating permits
• Crew licenses and payment set-ups
• International structures
• Registration of vessels under British flag in Gibraltar or virtually any worldwide port of registry
• Procurement of marine insurance
• Radio licensing as accounting authority
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The Europa Group is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission and is ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) certified.

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