Superyacht designs come in all shapes and sizes. Each yacht design appeals to a certain type of owner. Today, vessel owners have an almost endless choice in finding a yacht that matches their unique needs and particular interests. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on a selection of yachts that reflect certain unique interests.

A Yacht for Technology-buffs

The average-age of superyacht owners is getting younger. This is due in part to the success of global tech companies. Yacht designers are therefore equipping their superyachts with cutting edge technologies in the hopes of attracting technology loving individuals. A tech-savvy superyacht owner might be impressed by the 50-meter yacht, Adastra. This superyacht can be controlled all through the simple touch of an iPad. Although the range of using this feature is limited, it still forecasts what could be achieved in future remote operations. Perhaps one day future technology-buff owners could summon and drive their superyachts from the comfort of their restaurant chairs.

A Yacht for History-buffs

A yacht’s previous life and history can be appealing to new potential owners. Owners who wish to charter their vessels often use a yacht’s previous life as a marketing tool. Two yachts with unique histories are, Janidore and Don Giovanni. Janidore was launched in 1930 as a clipper ship and was later used in the Second World War by the US Navy. Don Giovanni spent her early years carrying gigantic blocks of concrete between Singapore and Nigeria. Both these yachts were converted into luxury yachts in in mid-2000’s, and have still retained their history and appeal.

A Yacht for Military-buffs

For some, superyacht security and defense measures are a criteria when choosing or designing a new vessel. New owners wishing to protect their family or on-board assets can be inspired by the 163-meter superyacht, Eclipse. This superyacht has military-grade defense systems including armour plating, a missile system and a submarine. It is reported that the vessel also has a ‘laser shield’, which uses infrared light to disrupt paparazzi cameras. While the defense system on the Eclipse is perhaps extreme, it does show the length yacht designers are prepared to go to ensure the owner’s safety and security.

A Yacht for non-water-buffs

Should one tire from water and wish a different method to travel, one can consider an iceboat.  This vessel is designed similar to a sailing boat and travels on sharp blades along ice rather than water. Using Artic winds these vessels can travel over 160 Km/h (100 mph).

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