With Global uncertainty affecting the investment markets, high-net worth individuals are turning to more unusual forms of investment hoping to gain returns. One such developing investment is pigeons. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on this unusual flying investment.

Recent global political developments have been making World markets fluctuate on a daily basis. These fluctuations are causing high-net worth individuals to no longer be content with investing money in banks, gold or art. These individuals have begun seeking alternative forms of investment. One such global investment trend is pigeons and pigeon racing.

Pigeons are the oldest domesticated bird and pigeon racing can be traced back to 220 AD. Pigeon racing is the sport of releasing specially trained pigeons to “race” back to their homes or race area.

The racing pigeon industry is experiencing a huge international surge of investment in the birds. The usual price for a top racing pigeon is around €2,500. However, a champion pigeon has been recently sold for a world record price of €1.25m (£1.07m). This record figure purchase for a bird has proved that the Global investment markets have changed once again.

We previously reported on an auction that generated over €4.3m in pigeon sales. At that auction a 1-year old pigeon named Bolt sold for €310,000 (£260,000) to a Chinese businessman.

The sudden surge of investing in racing pigeons has shifted to the Far East. China alone now has over 300,000 active pigeon fanciers. The birds have become so precious there that most of the purchases are locked up and used for breeding purposes only.

Breeding pigeons for racing is a serious business with particular attention being focused on bloodlines for performance. Pigeon auctions now attract bidders from around 20 different countries. The racing pigeon investment trend is seeing profitable returns due to large amounts of prize money in international pigeon racing being offered and even larger returns on the sale of top birds.

Will large investments in racing pigeons really take off, or could this investment idea just fly away with investors money?

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