We owe our longevity and success to being committed to the purist principles of independence, trust, integrity, focus and social responsibility.


As an independently owned company we benefit from the freedom to choose the best available solutions and professional partners for our clients. We are not tied in to any product, service, law firm or accounting practice. There is no conflict of interest in our fiduciary duty. Our clients are confident we offer impartial and flexible service.


Trustworthy relationships are an indelible part of our ethos. A dedicated professional works with each client providing a personalised service and unwavering focus on quality. We are committed to providing tenacious solutions which are tailor-made to current needs yet adaptable to changes in taxation law or regulations.


Europa Trust Company Ltd and its subsidiaries are licensed by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar to act as company administrators and professional trustees. It is a testament to our staff expertise, stability and adds to our credibility. We operate within Gibraltar which is subject to EU directives and regulations.


The focus of our seasoned and experienced professionals, is unquestionably on our clients. By drawing on experience from a variety of disciplines, we offer an informed and efficient service and solutions around the unique needs of each client. The diversity of our clients and the global nature of the business are reflected in our multicultural and multilingual staff.

Social Responsibility

We support local and international charities who make a meaningful contribution to the positive development of society. Our most notable support has been for non-profit organisations, engaged in nature conservation, creating a better future for children, and supporting parents that  experience pregnancy complications and baby loss. We have also directly supported arts and music.