Do you have to be Eccentric to be Successful?

Trying to being successful in business is a complex process. Europa Trust Company Limited reports on six successful entrepreneurs who were all eccentric and asks the question; “Do you have to be eccentric to be

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How Smart is Your Yacht?

Historically, yachts of all sizes have struggled to keep up with the global technology developments onshore. Now, the technology gap between yachts and the land is rapidly changing. Europa Marine Consultants reports on the new

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Humble Beginnings can lead to Success

Most people, at some stage in their lives have thought of starting their own company. While the concept of starting one’s own company may be off-putting to some, it is reassuring to know that the

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Douglas the African Penguin

We are delighted to announce our continued sponsorship of Douglas, the African Penguin. In 2017, the Europa Group participated in an " adopt a penguin programme" in South Africa. After the "adopted" egg hatched, the

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Who Took My Shares?

If you are dreaming of, or already own a yacht, the question to ask yourself is “Am I the 100% owner?” You might have a royal partner that you did not know about. Europa Marine

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Gibraltar Companies – Your Questions Answered

Gibraltar maintains a status as a safe and stable global financial centre. It enjoys easy access to the EU, UK and other international markets. Gibraltar is an excellent jurisdiction for company incorporations. We answer your

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