International Women’s Day is an annual celebration backed by the United Nations celebrating the global and historic contributions of women. As part of this celebration, Europa Trust Company Ltd investigates the developing trend of a global increase in the number of women-owned firms.

Owning your own business is often seen as the ultimate level in the working-world. With ones own business, you can set your own working hours, choose who to work with and the projects undertaken and even, if you wished, work in your pyjamas.

Historically, self-owning businesses have largely been dominated by men. However, current research from Chambers of Commerce around the World suggest a global shift developing. Across the globe the numbers of women-owned firms has slowly been increasing each year. According to the Institute of Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) women are increasing their presence in the world of small-business ownership. These businesses are having a direct effect on global revenue generated.

To illustrate this trend shift and revenue generated, one-third of America’s business owners are women. These businesses alone are generating revenues of over $1.4 trillion. To put this figure into perspective if the U.S women-owned businesses were a country, it would have the 5th largest GDP in the World.

Reasons put forward for the global increase in women-owned businesses are the increase in educational attainment by women, global legislation changes which positively affect women and local business support groups for women. These all play a vital role in the ability, desire and choice for women to undertake entrepreneurship instead of other stereotypical paths.

Europa Trust Company Ltd supports women-owned businesses. Supporting these businesses helps create healthy, diverse and sustainable business communities. Europa Trust Company Ltd wishes all it’s friends, suppliers and clients a good International Women’s Day.

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