Does your vessel enjoy the protection of the British Navy? Can you access the global network of British embassies and consulates when you are in trouble? If your vessel is registered in Gibraltar, then the answer is”Yes!” Europa Marine Consultants reports on the advantages of Gibraltar as a port of registry.

Gibraltar is situated at the entrance to the Mediterranean and is the gateway into Africa and Europe. The facilities provided by its local marinas means that it is ideally placed to service all registration, mooring, and maintenance needs.

Any foreign national, through a Gibraltar company, can own and register a vessel on the British Register of shipping.

The Gibraltar Yacht Registry

The Gibraltar Yacht Registry is an internationally recognised, high-quality and modern registry. It is an ideal choice for pleasure craft owners wanting confidence in belonging to a British registry and the flying the Red Ensign.

The Gibraltar yacht registry is a fully fledged British category one Red Ensign register with the same status as any other British register

Advantages as a Port of Registry

There are many advantages to registering a vessel in Gibraltar, particularly from the point of view of security and reliability. Vessels registered in Gibraltar are registered on the British flag. International conventions and agreements regarding shipping and safety, ratified by the United Kingdom, apply to Gibraltar.

  • The vessel will fly the defaced British flag (Red Ensign) and enjoy the protection, international recognition and unrivalled prestige that comes with it.
  • The ability to seek assistance from any of the British embassies and consulates worldwide where the vessel may be situated and the protection of the Royal Navy.
  • Legal title of vessel ownership on registration of transfer of ownership is a straightforward process.
  • All vital details concerning the vessel is contained in the register, and in the certificate of British registry (“blue book “).
  • The register provides security as to title because it is a public record, open to inspection by interested parties such as buyers or potential lenders.
  • The register enables the owner to dispose of the vessel easily in a cost effective and timely manner.
  • No vessel will be de-registered without the mortgage first being discharged or the mortgagee’s consent.

Fiscal Advantages

Gibraltar has a unique position within the European Union and registration of a vessel in Gibraltar provides access to benefits such as exemption from Value Added Tax. As a British overseas territory within Europe, Gibraltar is part of the European Union. However, it does not form part of the EU’s Common Customs Union. This means that Gibraltar is outside the Value Added Tax zone and has no VAT system. When you register a vessel in Gibraltar the favourable tax regime means you pay no:

  1. VAT in Gibraltar
  2. No import duty (provided the vessel is not permanently based in Gibraltar)
  3. No tax on the sale of the vessel.

Where vessel is registered in the name of a Gibraltar company, the earnings of that company are not liable to tax (provided they were accrued order arrived outside Gibraltar).

Working with Europa Marine Consultants Ltd.

Europa Marine Consultants Ltd is part of the Europa Group. We have been based in Gibraltar since 1987 and have built a reputation as a stable and reputable business.

We provide a comprehensive range of marine and crew services including registration of vessels worldwide, purchase and sale contracts, operating permits, crew licenses and payment set-ups, international structures for your vessel, registration of vessels under the British flag in Gibraltar or virtually any worldwide port of registry, procurement of marine insurance, radio licensing as accounting authority and other associated services.

Our clients are an eclectic mix of international executives, authors, sportsmen, corporations, wealthy individuals, families and many more. Their individual interests and needs are at the centre of our focus.

Each client benefits from the experience and multi-jurisdiction knowledge of a dedicated Europa Marine Consultant Ltd professional. Our Group can assist with:

  • Company formation management and administration
  •  Registered Office
  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Holding of annual general meetings
  • Preparation and filing of financial statements
  • Professional trustees
  • Foundation management
  • Arrangement of banking facilities Worldwide
  • Accountancy services
  • Voluntary liquidation of companies
  • Registration of vessels Worldwide
  •  Marine vessel ownership administration
  • Procurement of marine insurance
  • Providing radio licensing as an accounting authority
  • Registration of marine vessels under British flags in Gibraltar
  • Marine crew licenses and payment set-ups
  • Purchase and sale contracts of vessels
  • Procurement of vessel operating permits
  • Procurement of legal and tax advice
  • Corporate or individual relocation
  • Procurement of insurance for property or possessions
  • Worldwide mail, telephone, fax and message forwarding
  • Will drafting service and safekeeping services
  • Virtual office
  • Commissioners for Oaths service
  • Registration of mortgages and debentures
  • Safe keeping of documents and safe deposit box services
  • Web Domain Registration
  • Protection of intellectual property with registration of trademarks and patents
  • Providing company searches on companies incorporated and company name checks
  • Asset administration
  • Providing certificates of good standing
  • Certification of Documents and Notarisation
  • For clients who require a confidential service, we offer through Europa Trust Company Ltd’s fully-owned subsidiaries:
  • Corporate directors
  • Nominee shareholders
  • Company secretaries