Yesterday, the United Kingdom (UK) delivered a letter to the European Union (EU) stating that Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon had been triggered and the UK’s intention to leave the EU. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on Gibraltar’s Chief Minister’s Parliamentary statement regarding the Article 50 trigger.

On 29 March 2017, the Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, made a statement to Parliament regarding the triggering of Article 50 by the UK. In his statement he paid tribute to the “remarkable level of prosperity” membership of the EU had brought Gibraltar in the past 30 years. Mr Picardo added that he remains optimistic that Gibraltar will continue to prosper as a result of future deals which the UK will have with other nations. He said leaving the EU “brought nothing to celebrate, but also nothing to fear.”

The Chief Minister stated that the Prime Minister had explicitly expressed in the UK parliament that she and her Government are “absolutely and steadfastly in support of Gibraltar and its people and economy.”

A Yacht as a Taxi?

For many of us a taxi ride is simply a journey in a car. Technology has allowed us to book taxis with just a tap of an app. Now, your next taxi ride could be the yacht trip you’ve always dreamed of. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on an unusual partnership developing between a global taxi app company and the yachting industry.

Uber, the online transportation network company, has brought the ease of booking a taxi via your smartphone to millions of people across the World. The company has now turned towards the luxury yacht market as a form of taxi services for its members.

UberYACHT was first launched in Dubai in April 2016. For approximately $82 (£65) a user has access to a ride in a luxury yacht using their Uber app. The success of Uber lies in its simplicity. A trip can be booked through the Uber app by moving the slider to ‘UberYacht’ to request a yacht.The app also allows options to book yachts as a party taxi for larger groups.

In the past the company has launched UberBOAT as part of their app. This offered boat rides in Istanbul, Saint-Tropez, Monaco and Cannes.

Urber and the yacht industry still have a way to go before making the luxury world of personal yacht travel more accessible to all its users. However, in the near future your next taxi could be a luxury yacht.

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