Record numbers of people of modest means are leaving their lives on land and setting sail to live life onboard small boats and yachts. Europa Marine Consultants reports on a new global trend developing in the marine industry referred to as “boat life”.

Boat life is defined as living full-time onboard a boat or small yacht. It is similar to the notion of “van life” whereby people purchase motor homes or camper vans to live in and travel around a country.

Life at sea is no longer reserved only for the ultra-rich or sailors. As previously reported, yacht and boat sales have seen a global sale boom. Closer analysis of the boom shows a developing trend whereby ordinary people, normally couples and families, are buying boats and yachts to live on them.

The pandemic and confinement have shifted people’s attitude towards travel, work, home schooling, and life in general. This shift has prompted growing numbers of people on modest incomes to seek remote living, specifically at sea.

Living on a small boat or yacht has advantages over the so-called “new normal” facing societies. It allows occupants the freedom to potentially travel anywhere without restrictions. Remote working also allows those living on boats and yachts to potentially work anywhere in the world. The main reason it seems for people to adopt a boat life is to limit their social exposure to others and escape the rigours and monotony of lockdowns.

For families adopting this new lifestyle, home schooling stigmas have faded, and recent apps and technology allow children living at sea to access the same education as their classmates on land. Parents with children at sea report that their children learn life skills that their land counterparts do not.

Universities have been quick to adapt to the new marine trend with admissions departments stating that unconventional educational backgrounds at sea are an advantage rather than obstacle.

The pandemic and confinement have brought about many changes to societies. The biggest change could be ordinary people choosing a remote life on the seas. If this lifestyle appeals to you, we can create and manage ownership structures for you and your vessel. Speak to us today to learn more or visit our website by clicking here.

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