Trying to being successful in business is a complex process. Europa Trust Company Limited reports on six successful entrepreneurs who were all eccentric and asks the question; “Do you have to be eccentric to be successful?”

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs created Apple, the company behind the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Over the years of being head of the company, Jobs developed some eccentric behaviour. He is said to have started to soak his feet in toilets to relieve stress. He also stopped taking showers, as he believed his meat-free diet stopped his body from producing odour. Today, Apple is worth £2.3 trillion.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was an inventor and engineer who is famous for his breakthroughs in the production, transmission, and application of electric power. His eccentric behaviour included claiming to communicate with aliens. However, aliens were not the only creatures he communicated with. Tesla was fond of pigeons and spoke to them outside his bedroom window. When he got too old to feed and speak to the birds, he hired someone to do it for him.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft displayed some slightly aggressive eccentric behaviour. Gates was concerned about his employee’s time out the office and used to memorise their license plate numbers to track their comings and goings. When Microsoft expanded, Gates claimed to have changed this behaviour. Today, Microsoft is worth £1,7 trillion.

Walt Disney
The creator of Mickey Mouse and the founder of Disneyland had a fascination with trains. He loved trains so much that he built a mini train and tracks in his office. Disney would often be dressed as a train engineer and gave visitors to his office a ride on his train.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the world. He also has an eccentric love of Coco-Cola. At 91, he still drinks vast amounts of it each day. He loves the drink so much that has recorded a video of himself playing the ukulele and singing a song to Coco-Cola. His net worth is £85.5 billion.

Mark Zuckerburg
Worth over £45 Billion, the founder of Facebook, has quiet a list of eccentric behaviour. Zuckerburg wears the same style of outfit every day (a grey t-shirt and jeans). He has also stated that he will only eat meat that he kills himself. So far, he has claimed to have killed a chicken, a lobster, a pig, and a goat.

These six successful entrepreneurs are all eccentric. The good news is that you won’t have to soak your feet in toilets, receive messages from aliens, or drink vast amounts of Coca-Cola to be successful. Simply, having a dedicated team like Europa Trust Company Limited assisting you with your next company incorporation and management services can put you on the path to success.

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