Europa Trust Company Ltd is delighted to announce its continued sponsorship of Douglas the African Penguin.

In 2017 the Europa Group participated in an “adopt a penguin programme” in South Africa. After the “adopted” egg hatched, the hatchling was named Douglas.

As part of the Europa Group’s social responsibility, we have continued to sponsor Douglas, who lives at the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds centre.

We are delighted to report that Douglas is now an adult penguin and this year he has improved upon his social behaviour with other sea birds at the centre. He has matured and is described as happy and healthy, often seeking to play and receive cuddles from the staff at the centre.

With the assistance of volunteers and sponsorship from companies such as the Europa Group, the foundation is able to provide food, medicine and care to rehabilitate penguins and seabirds back to the wild.

The Europa Group is proud to continue to support this worthy cause.

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