As the festive season begins, countries around the world are starting to celebrate Christmas. Europa Trust Company Limited presents five Christmas facts that even Santa himself, might not know.

1) Santa’s Ninth Reindeer
Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer is not Santa’s first reindeer. He is in reality, Santa’s ninth reindeer. It was only due to bad weather and Rudolph’s red nose that he was put first and in front of Santa’s sleigh. There are eight other reindeers who help Santa. The eight reindeers are Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer, and Blixem.

2) A Banned Christmas
Christmas is a global, multi-cultural celebration celebrated every year. However, Christmas has been banned in the past. In the mid-17th century, the Puritan-led English Parliament banned Christmas celebrations in England in favour of a day of fasting.

3) The largest Christmas Present Ever Given
For many people, Christmas is a time for receiving and giving gifts. Some people try to give their loved ones the largest present they can find. The largest Christmas present ever given was the Statue of Liberty. It was gifted by France to America during Christmas in 1886.

4) The First Song Played in Space
In 1965, before Christmas two astronauts aboard the NASA Gemini 6 space craft interrupted their broadcast with Mission Control to sing “Jingle Bells,” with a small harmonica and improvised sleigh-bells. This basic rendition became the first song ever played in space.

5) Rudolph almost wasn’t “Rudolph”
The most famous reindeer, Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, was almost named Rollo or Reginald until his author settled on the name we all know and love today.

A Penguin Called Douglas

We support local and international charities that make a meaningful contribution to the positive development of society. Our most notable support has been for non-profit organisations engaged in nature conservation, creating a better future for children, and supporting parents who experience pregnancy complications and baby loss. We have also directly supported arts and music.

In 2017, we participated in an “adopt a penguin programme” in South Africa. The Europa Team named the hatchling Douglas and we have continued to sponsor him ever since. Douglas lives at the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds Centre, in Port Elizabeth.

***We wish you and your family a very happy festive season and a prosperous 2023. From the Europa Team and Douglas, the Africa Penguin. ***

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