Whether you own a pet or dream of owning one, pets have been proven to help deal with stress and provide loyal companionship. Continuing on from our previous newsletter regarding pets on marine vessels, Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on some important considerations that need to be made when working and being home with a pet or furry family member.

As the global lockdowns continue, many people are finding themselves working or staying at home. Research has shown that a pet can be an ideal companion during any period of stress. For this reason, pet adoption levels have increased globally. However, for those currently required to work from home, pets can be distracting at inappropriate times.

We take a light-hearted look with a collection of a few important considerations pet owners should consider when working in close proximity with a furry colleague.

Office Equipment
Office equipment can be different from home equipment for pets. Cables, laptops, cords, computer monitors, and rubbish bins can be all be hazardous for pets. Ensure pets cannot access these or topple them over.

Laptop and Keyboard Dangers
Pets, and especially cats, gravitate towards warm objects. Laptops and keyboards are objects pets enjoy lying on. Ensure pets cannot reach laptops or keyboards so as to avoid damage and pets pressing keys, potentially ruining your hard work.

Replicate the In-person Office Experience
Talking to pets, as one would talk to work colleagues, has been suggested to create a sense of social presence and replicate office environments. Unfortunately, pets are not able to make cups of tea or coffee for their colleagues.

Trip Hazards
Pets often lie at an owners’ feet or leave their toys out therefore owners need to be mindful of these trip hazards.

Pet Job Title
As means to alleviate stress and anxiety, workplace psychologists suggest providing your pets with job titles in your home office, such as Minister for Home Office Affairs.

While we may not all be pet owners, Europa Trust Company Ltd is pleased to have provided a few important considerations to be made that current and future pet owners should consider.

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