As lockdown levels around the world are beginning to ease and tourist destinations plan to re-open in the coming month, Europa Trust Company Ltd. takes a light-hearted look at some humorous moments that have happened during the pandemic lockdown from around the world.

Dog Renting and “Pet” Walking
In early March, Spain declared strict restrictions on movement and allowed people to leave their homes to walk their pets. A man was discovered by police advertising via Facebook that he was renting his dogs out for walking for people who did not own dogs. Despite the man’s business ingenuity, he now faces a possible fine of between 500 and 5,000 euros.

Elsewhere in Spain, a man was questioned by police when they discovered he was walking alone during lockdown. On inspection, the police discovered the man was carrying a goldfish bowl complete with a goldfish. He explained to the police that he was walking his “pet”. The police were not impressed with his broad interpretation of the new law.

The Toilet Paper Calculator
As the pandemic first begun to spread, shoppers around the world inexplicitly began hoarding toilet paper. A German website created a calculator that could help people with their toilet paper concerns. By simply inputting the amount of toilet paper one owned and the amount of times one visited the toilet, the calculator was able to provide how many days a person would continue with their supply of toilet paper.

A Fiery Sermon
Some Church sermons speak about the “fires of hell” and how to avoid them. Unfortunately, for one British vicar he got to understand that statement literally, as he accidently set himself on fire in front of his online congregation. While performing his first attempt at an online sermon, the vicar leaned too close to a candle on a cross and his clothing caught fire.

Fortunately, he was able to put the fire out without any damage or injury and unintentionally became a pandemic online star.

A chef in Vietnam created for sale, a green-tea stained burger that resembled the microscopic image of the COVID virus. The notion of the ‘Coronaburger’ came from a Vietnamese philosophy that if someone is afraid of something, they should try and eat it. The shop sold around 50 of the ‘Coronaburger’s a day.

The Europa Team continues to wish everyone well during the remaining time of this pandemic and encourages its clients, intermediaries, suppliers and friends to remain optimistic and positive.

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