Almost everyone dreams of being on a superyacht with a large crew at their beck and call, ready to react to commands without delay. However, some guests on superyachts have had very unusual and outright ridiculous expectations of the crew. Europa Marine Consultants reports on some of the most outrageous guest requests onboard superyacht charters.

Champagne and Bagels
A common occurrence on chartered superyachts is guests running out of champagne. When running out of champagne in the middle of the ocean, crew have been instructed to arrange for champagne to be flown-in by seaplane.

However, one guest took the notion of flying-in goods to the next level by requesting bagels from New York while being berthed in St. Barts, in the north-eastern corner of the Caribbean Sea. He wanted the bagels for breakfast the next day. The crew had to make arrangements for a private jet to collect and fly the bagels from New York on a 6 hour flight to St. Barts and then make arrangements to get the bagels to the yacht in time for breakfast.

Iceberg Musician.
Some guest requests on superyachts can not only be outrageous, but also dangerous. A report from a superyacht crew chartering near the Arctic Circle told of a guest ordering the yacht to suddenly stop. He demanded the crew arrange for him to be placed on a floating iceberg nearby. Once the crew had successfully managed this dangerous request, the guest proceeded to play his guitar while beginning to float past the stationed yacht.

Black Sand
Some outrageous requests verge on the bizarre. Crew of a superyacht charter spoke of having to divert course by hundreds of miles to suddenly go to a small volcanic island to retrieve ‘some black sand’ at the request of a guest’s wife. Once the yacht finally arrived, the crew were ordered to the beach with a jar to collect some sand. Afterwards, when the guests left the charter, they also left their jar of sand on the yacht, which puzzled the crew of the sand’s importance.

Europa Marine is pleased to provide a short summary of outrageous requests superyacht charter guests have made. While we may not all be billionaires on chartered yachts, we remind our readers to keep their requests sensible should they charter, or otherwise risk becoming part of a future newsletter.

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