In his New Year’s message, the Governor of Gibraltar, Sir David Steele, expressed confidence that Gibraltar will successfully progress in 2021, “as it’s always done in the past”. Europa Trust Company Ltd reports on the continued interest in business in Gibraltar and why a post-Brexit Gibraltar will not only be relatively the same, but even better.

The conclusion of an agreement in principle on a framework for a future relationship with the EU, and the nearest EU Member State Spain, is good news for Gibraltar. For over 40 years, proudly British Gibraltar has established itself as a prosperous global financial centre. A consistently growing economy, political stability, robust commercial and professional infrastructure, and an English-based legal system all contribute to Gibraltar’s attractiveness as a financial jurisdiction. Gibraltar’s “White” territory listing by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for over a decade highlights the fact the jurisdiction is considered a responsible global financial jurisdiction.

Throughout 2020, Gibraltar proved its ability to efficiently handle a crisis such as Covid-19.

Europa Trust Company Ltd has seen a sharp increase in enquiries to incorporate and to redomicile to Gibraltar. Stability is rapidly returning in a variety of markets which means certainty is also returning, making post-BREXIT Gibraltar very attractive for businesses wishing to operate from Gibraltar, as well as, those wishing to take advantage of opportunities in the prosperous local market.

European Union (EU) Regulations have applied directly to Gibraltar and EU Directives have been transposed by Gibraltar’s Parliament. Gibraltar’s taxation regime has been subject to European Union scrutiny as well as organisations such as the OECD. Post-Brexit, Gibraltar continues to apply existing commitments on anti-money laundering and financial supervision. It will then choose whether to voluntarily apply any new EU legislation or to adopt international standards which have the same effect.

Gibraltar will maintain its status as a safe and stable choice and as a global financial centre by continuing to provide easy access to the EU and UK financial markets. Gibraltar’s diversified and stable economy will continue with the principal sectors of yachting and shipping, financial services, tourism, E-gaming and ship refuelling with little or no change. Tourism alone generates over 10 million visitors a year to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar will remain a rock stable jurisdiction and financially attractive jurisdiction. Further advantages of Gibraltar as a jurisdiction can be found on our website here.

Please contact your relationship manager if you wish to redomicile, restructure or establish a new Gibraltar company.

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