The superyacht industry continues to be an industry growing in epic proportions. The continued global increase in billionaires and their interests in superyachts is now fueling new dynamic vessel builds with unique features. We report on the new superyacht trends for 2020 and beyond.

Still bigger and bigger…
We reported in a previous superyacht trends newsletter, that the superyacht industry was moving towards an increase in the size of vessels. The end of 2019, saw the launch of Rez Ocean, a yacht at 183-meters (600ft) in length. The trend for 2020’s new superyacht builds is to continue to push the boundaries of size and what defines a superyacht.

Glass as a superstructure.
Glass may sound like an unusual build material but it is an upcoming design trend for superyachts. Glass promotes the feeling of wider spaces, allowing more natural light into the vessels and to create harmony for interior yacht designs. From glass hulls to glass walls, the glass design trend is moving towards daring glass superstructures, offering a new perspective of yachting.

Floating Resorts
This year appears that superyacht owners are creating a design trend themselves. Owners are demanding from their interior designers to create interiors to look exactly like their favorite spas resorts. These designs are to be complete with gyms, jacuzzi’s, steam rooms and saunas. The key reason for this new design trend is the notion of creating a floating retreat for relaxing.

Ultra HD digital resolution, hidden away
New owners are now expecting that their entertainment video is of high quality while out at sea. They are demanding 4K to 8K digital video resolution throughout their vessels. This ultra high-definition resolution means 4-8 times the resolution of normal television screens. This is not an easy task to achieve in the middle of the ocean and is giving designers a technological challenge. In addition to this challenge, owners want their screens and laser projectors hidden in a discreet way, integrated into the bespoke furniture complete with “invisible” speakers.

Tenders and “toys”
A big feature that nearly stole the attention away from the yachts at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, was yacht tenders and “toys”. 2020 yacht builds are expected to come equipped for under and above the water fun with electric floating surf boards and deep diving submersibles to name a few.

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