In the last year, the superyacht industry has continued to grow in epic proportions. Last year’s global increase in billionaires and their interests in superyachts has now fuelled new dynamic vessel designs. We report on the new superyacht trends for 2021 and beyond.

Superyacht Kitchens
Kitchens have become centre pieces in 2021 superyacht design builds. Much like Victorian houses, kitchens and their staff where previously hidden away onboard yachts. Now, designers are promoting kitchens. They are larger and being located on main decks, so that chefs and food preparation can be seen and enjoyed. Technology is also becoming part of kitchens with the incorporation of touchscreens, concealed hobs, and smart lighting.

Interior Layout Changes and Multifunctional Spacing
Generally, all yachts have similar interiors and suffer from standard arrangements. 2021 superyacht builds will see dramatic interior changes with smaller saloons designs. This gives way to larger exterior customised deck living areas. Designers are creating multifunctional spaces such as sundecks with DJ booths, pools with floors that can be raised, lounge areas that can transform into cinema viewing areas and Zen gardens complete with waterfalls.

Full Spas on Board
During the global lockdowns, superyacht owners complained that getting to spas was becoming difficult and at times impossible. Owners are now asking designers to include full spas in their yacht designs. Previously a yacht “spa” would consist of just a sauna or a steam room. This year designers are being asked to include, barbershops, massage areas, beauty salons, detox bars, excise floors, lounge seating and power showers.

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