Almost everyone dreams of being on a superyacht with a large crew at their beck and call, ready to react to commands without delay. However, there are many unspoken rules and etiquette on how guests are expected to behave onboard. Europa Marine Consultants Ltd reports on the top three DOs and DON’Ts of chartered superyachts.

1) DO be Polite to the Crew
Charter yacht crew work extremely hard and for long hours. To ensure a happy charter for all aboard, be friendly, polite and respect every member of the crew. It is worth remembering that the crew have many tasks to do and only one part of their job is to make sure your holiday exceeds expectations.

2) DO Take Care of the Yacht
Superyachts are extremely expensive and often have unique designer furniture. To avoid additional costs to your charter through damages or misuse, treat the yacht as your own and do take care of each item.

3) DO Keep the Crew Informed
The crew should always be told of any changes to your plans of the charter. Whether deciding on taking on board extra guests, holding a late-night party or a sudden change in destination, inform the crew immediately, so that all preparations and safety procedures can be heeded to for a happy and smooth charter.

1) DON’T expect Crew Members to be your Babysitters or childcares.
As mentioned, charter yacht crew work extremely hard and for long hours. You should not expect them to do additional duties by taking care of your children or babysit while you enjoy the yacht. If you do plan to take small children with you, care for them yourself or arrange to take a nanny, who can often be accommodated in a spare cabin.

2) Don’t Disrespect Boundaries
Chartered yachts have strict boundaries for guests and crew. Don’t invade the private crew areas or the galley (kitchen). Most yachts have mini refrigerators in guest areas and a word to a crew member will ensure they are always stocked and replenished with your favourite drinks and snacks throughout your stay.

3) DON’T Do Anything Illegal
Charter yachts have an absolutely zero tolerance level for illegal or illicit activities. The captain and crew are trained to turn anyone over to the authorities or police should any illegal activity occur. Additionally, the vessel itself can be seized by the authorities and the charter license lost should illegal or illicit activities take place.

There are many unspoken rules and etiquette on how guests are expected to behave onboard chartered superyachts. Adhering to the top three DOs and DON’Ts should ensure everyone will have a happy and smooth charter.

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