As Christmas rapidly approaches, counties all over the world have begun their festive unique traditions. Europa Trust Company Ltd brings you a short collection of unusual Christmas traditions from around the world.

Portuguese households always set a few extra plates and empty seats around the home table on Christmas Day. The reason for this Christmas tradition is so that the spirits of the family dead can join them for the annual feast and have a place to sit at the table. The Portuguese tradition also allows for the family to make extra food for the spirits to take back with them when they leave, ensuring a successful year for the family.

Ireland and the United Kingdom.
While some countries put out milk and biscuits for Santa on the night before Christmas, it is an Irish Christmas tradition to put out a pint of Guinness and mince pies for Santa (or Father Christmas as he is known in this part of the world). However, in the UK parents are encouraged to teach their children about drink and drive safety during this festive time and have been told by the British Government not to put out alcoholic drinks for Santa. Perhaps the best Santa can expect to receive in the UK is a cup of tea for his efforts.

In the 1960s, an America television station broadcasted a burning fireplace on Christmas day. Millions tuned in to sit and watch the log burning fire with a human hand occasionally tending to it. Since then, the burning fireplace broadcast has become an American Christmas tradition and is broadcast each year on television to create a festive atmosphere. This year, Netflix announced they would stream a fireplace to viewers globally.

Whatever your Christmas traditions and wherever you are this festive season, the Europa Team wishes you and your family a very happy festive season.

As a result of the pandemic, the firm has decided not to send out physical gifts to our friends and clients this year in order to adhere to Covid-19 health and safety regulations. In the place of seasonal gifts, we shall be making a charitable donation .

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