It is said that the best ideas in business are often the most unusual of ideas. Recently, some individuals have taken their very unusual gadget ideas and turned them into a success. We look at some of the unusual, yet very real gadgets that you might not have known existed.

“Smart” Toothbrush
The company Onvi Prophix has created a “smart toothbrush”. The toothbrush takes pictures and live video of the inside of your mouth while you brush. It can do this because it has a 10-megapixel camera built into the brush itself. The gadget then connects to your phone through an app to show you your teeth. However, at over £290 ($400) some people might want to spend that sort of money on a dentist or a new bathroom mirror to look at their teeth.

“Smart” Belt
For years, the tech industry has been trying to find ways for people to wear technology. Belty is a company that has designed a belt that can tighten or expand while you wear it. The tightening or expanding all depends on how much the wearer has eaten. The belt monitors the user’s waist and then adjusts accordingly.

“Smart” Egg Tray
The Egg Minder is a fridge egg tray that syncs with a smartphone and sends notifications to tell you when you are running low on eggs. Quirky, the company behind the gadget believes that there is a market for this device and that many people will want their fridge egg tray to be connected to the internet.

“Smart” Fork
The HapiFork is a Bluetooth-enabled “smart fork” that vibrates when it senses a person is eating too fast. The fork costs £47 ($65) and the company claims that eating slowly has many health benefits.

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