Gibraltar maintains a status as a safe and stable global financial centre. It enjoys easy access to the EU, UK and other international markets. Gibraltar is an excellent jurisdiction for company incorporations. We answer your questions about Gibraltar companies.

Why set-up a company in Gibraltar?
Gibraltar’s diversified and stable economy continues to be strong in the principal sectors of yachting, financial services, tourism, E-gaming, DLT, and ship refuelling. It has developed a good international reputation by being listed as a “white” territory by the OECD since 2009, removing any “tax haven” suggestions. Gibraltar’s fiduciary companies deliver and manage simple and complex corporate structures, on a daily basis in virtually any jurisdiction. There is no capital gains tax, wealth tax or estate duty in Gibraltar. There is also no Value Added Tax (VAT). Therefore, VAT is not an issue from a Gibraltar tax perspective. Gibraltar companies conducting profit-making activity outside of Gibraltar will also not suffer tax on profits.

How easy is it to set up a company in Gibraltar?
It is simple, straight-forward, and easy to establish. Incorporating a tailor-made company can be done within 24 to 48 hours. Gibraltar companies are easy and flexible to structure to specific needs. Shareholders and directors may be individuals or corporate entities and company officers need not be resident in Gibraltar. The director and shareholder can also be of any nationality.

Is it expensive to set-up and maintain a company in Gibraltar?
No. Gibraltar set-up costs are extremely competitive compared with other offshore jurisdictions. Gibraltar is affordable and cost-effective in set-up and maintenance costs. Both new incorporations and re-domiciliations from another jurisdiction can be done relatively easily and without any significant cost.

But, what if I live or work in another part of the world?
No problem. You can set-up a Gibraltar company from the comfort of your own home. You will receive the same expert guidance, each step of the way, as if you visited in person. There is no change in the quality of services.

What documents are needed to incorporate and why?
The usual compliance documentation is required for the ultimate beneficial owner, director and/or shareholder, such as proof of identity, proof of address and source of income and wealth.
Updated compliance documentation is required from time to time as part of maintaining the company to ensure that it remains in good standing.

Will my company be safe?
Gibraltar is a democratic and politically stable British Overseas Territory. It has an English-based legal system with some local variations. Company managers must be authorised and are regulated by a supportive Financial Services Commission.

Are there any other advantages to registering a Gibraltar company?
Yes, there are many advantages. Firstly, Gibraltar company structures can be private or public. A Gibraltar company may dispense with the requirement of Annual General meetings of Shareholders. There is also easy company administration with all documents being able to be prepared, notarised and legalised within Gibraltar itself. Gibraltar is the only territory in Europe with automatic access to the UK insurance, banking, investment services and any other similar area where the EU cross-border directives currently apply. Company accounts can be in any currency, with the British Pound and Euros widely used and accepted in Gibraltar.

What can I use a Gibraltar Company for?
A Gibraltar company may be used for trading, consultancy or other services, investment holding, asset holding or tax planning.

Can opening a Gibraltar company assist me in registering my marine vessel under the Red Ensign Flag?
Yes! Even if you are not a UK national, you can enjoy the benefits that come with the coveted Red Ensign Flag. (for example, assistance from UK consulates and embassies around the world, and the Royal Navy.)

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