Historically, yachts of all sizes have struggled to keep up with the global technology developments onshore. Now, the technology gap between yachts and the land is rapidly changing. Europa Marine Consultants reports on the new “smart yacht” developments and asks the question “how smart is your yacht”?

While we may not all be millionaires with yachts, it is interesting to note that yachts of all sizes have struggled to keep up with technological advances that take place onshore. In the past, when a new yacht was designed, designers had to think at least three years ahead to ensure the yacht would have current technology onboard when launched. Sadly, by launch date, the yacht’s technology would already be out of date.

There is now good news for current and future yacht owners. The technological gap between yachts and land has dramatically shrunk. The reason for the change is due to recent developments of the “smart yacht” concept. These are onboard systems similar to a “smart home” that allow a vast range of internal control functions, such as heating, lighting, security and entertainment systems. We report on a few more unusual features to the “smart yacht” concept, that you should be aware of.

Smart Yacht Monitoring
AI software has now been developed for yachts that analyses data from all the yacht systems. The idea is to make the yacht more automated. The AI can monitor systems for longer hours than ordinary crew members. It can also send notifications to a mechanic to fix something onboard or send a reminder to book a berth for the night at the approaching marina.

Smart Yacht Walls
Yacht interior walkways are being transformed with the use of large, 8K screens being placed on entire corridor walls. These are used to display digital artwork or backgrounds. The screens can create a visual and audio experience that can transform an entire yacht corridor’s depth, mood and meaning at the flick of a button.

Smart Yacht Rooms
Rooms are being developed within yachts to assess the mood of the people in the space. The system utilises an algorithm on a neural network and cameras that scan guests’ faces to determine their emotions. The learning system then automatically adapts the lighting, temperature, and music of the room accordingly.

However smart your current or future yacht may be, it is important to keep up to date of technological developments. The technological gap between yachts and the land has shrunk thanks to the development of the “smart yacht”.

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