Most people, at some stage in their lives have thought of starting their own company. While the concept of starting one’s own company may be off-putting to some, it is reassuring to know that the world’s biggest companies have all had small, humble beginnings. Europa Trust Company Limited reports on a few of the biggest companies in the world that from small beginnings, grew into global giants.

Starting a new company can be a daunting task. There are many reasons that put people off starting a company of their own. Some include being seen as too small or not having an office or official work area. However, a few of the world’s biggest companies have had these exact situations only to later grow into global giants in the business world.

We report of four companies that all started very small to reassure those who are considering incorporating their own company.

Apple was founded in 1976 in a garage workshop by college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. From this small beginning the pair challenged technology with devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Apple’s market value is the world’s largest, standing at $2.11 trillion.

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon from his garage in Washington in 1994. The original company was an online bookshop. He persevered, added additional services to his company and today Amazon shares are worth over $1 trillion.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates also started his company in his garage. In the 1980’s Microsoft created a computer operating system called MS-DOS, later becoming known as Windows. It is estimated that over 1 billion Windows-powered computers are in use today. This puts Microsoft’s worth at $1.83 trillion.

Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and friends in a university dorm room in 2004. Facebook quickly became one of the biggest social media platforms. Today, Facebook claims to have 2.8 billion active users. The company is worth $435 billion.

The biggest companies in world have had humble, small beginnings. This should not deter a person from following their business dream. Now is the perfect time to incorporate a company for your business idea.

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