While out at sea, ships and vessels around the world have reported that they have suddenly starting sailing in circles and unable to steer or change their course. Europa Marine Consultants Limited reports on this maritime mystery and what could be causing ships to suddenly start sailing in circles.

On 31 May 2020, The oil tanker Willowy and four other shipping vessels nearby began mysteriously sailing in circles, unable to steer or correct their course. The mystery occurred while the vessels were sailing in the south Atlantic Ocean, west of the South African city of Cape Town.

The mystery of these ships can be added to many other reports over the years of ships suddenly starting to sail in circles. These previous cases have usually happened near oil terminals. Investigation of these incidents concluded they were the result of systematic GPS manipulation designed to undermine a tracking system reported to be used by the Chinese government and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

However, global analyse of marine data by environmental agencies have reported a number of circling incidents have occurred quite a distance away from Chinese or Iranian ports, with some literally occurring on the other side of the world. The case of the oil taker Willowy was one such case.

Adding to the mystery is that globally, other ships are reporting false locations on their navigation equipment. These ships are seeming to circle near San Francisco when the ships are actually located thousands of kilometres away.

The mystery is not only reserved for ships. Vessels of different types such as pilot boats, tugs, cargo, and passenger vessels have all reported sailing in circles. The circling of the vessels can last anywhere from between 30 minutes to 16 days.

An Answer from Space?

The European Space Agency has detected that the Earth’s magnetic field is growing weak in a large region stretching from Africa to South America. This weakening is currently impacting satellites and spacecraft. It is a sign that the Earth is heading for a pole reversal – in which the north and south magnetic poles flip.

The pole reversal will be enormous for seafaring vessels whose navigation is based on magnetic compasses – causing them not only to sail in circles, but perhaps not even realise it.

The case of the Willowy and hundreds like it are a sign that there are still many unsolved mysteries on our oceans today. Europa Marine Consultants Limited encourages its seafaring clients to be cautious while sailing on the seas.

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