Become an Agent or Consultant and Set Up Your Company Remotely

With second lockdowns beginning to be enforced around the world and people facing the prospect of working from home or not working at all, now is the perfect time to start your own business. Around

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Outrageous Superyacht Guest Requests

Almost everyone dreams of being on a superyacht with a large crew at their beck and call, ready to react to commands without delay. However, some guests on superyachts have had very unusual and outright

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What Happens When Cruise Ships “Retire”?

Under normal circumstances, hundreds of cruise liner ships navigate and criss-cross the world's waters each day. However, with the virus pandemic, these ocean giants are now without passengers and without destinations. Cruise companies around the

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Relocation, Redomiciliation, Relaxation

With recent ongoing global events, Europa Trust Company Ltd has been receiving many enquiries from both companies and individuals looking for temporary or permanent relocation opportunities. We report on the process of relocation as a

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The Global Ship Circling Mystery

While out at sea, ships and vessels around the world have reported that they have suddenly starting sailing in circles and unable to steer or change their course. Europa Marine Consultants Limited reports on this

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Update: Douglas the African Penguin

As previously mentioned in our newsletters, and as part of the firm’s Social Responsibility, Europa Trust Company Ltd. adopted an endangered African penguin, named Douglas, as part of the SANCCOB ‘s “Adopt a Penguin” programme.

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